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English Bulldog

The English Bulldog

Widely known as the British bulldog, English bulldog is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. It’s distinctive body shape and posture relative to size makes this purebred one of the most loved dogs throughout the world. Discover more about our English Bulldog puppies for sale below!

The English Bulldog is a British breed of dog of mastiff type. They date back hundreds of years and are also known as British Bulldogs. They are a muscular, well-built dog with a wrinkled face and a pushed-in nose. This breed has won the hearts of generations of families for decades. They are considered to be one of the most popular dogs breeds in existence today.

These fantastic puppies have gained popularity worldwide due to their playful, loyal, funny, and caring personality. They are laidback and tend to get along well with just about anyone or anything. They have very approachable demeanors and enjoy the companionship of their family. They also have a very easy-going personality which is one of the reasons they have remained a popular family dog.

The English Bulldog does enjoy activity time and burning off energy, however, is not an overly energetic breed of dog. The correct ratio of meat-based protein and micronutrients, as well as healthy carbs and fats, will keep your dog feeling and looking his best. Most people recommend feeding this breed two meals each day, spaced about twelve hours apart. This will help to ensure the dog is provided with the proper nutrients he needs. It is also important to remember to provide your dog with proper dental care. It is suggested that his teeth get cleaned a minimum of three times a week. Failing to keep his teeth clean can contribute to health issues. Although properly cleaning his teeth will take some practice to get good at, in time, this will become easier for you and your pup.

  •  The English Bulldog grows to be between fourteen and fifteen inches tall.
  •  At maturity, the English Bulldog weighs between fifty and fifty-five pounds.
  •  The average life expectancy for this breed is between eight and ten years.

English Bulldogs require regular bathing and grooming. It is suggested that they are bathed as frequently as every week up to no more than every four weeks depending on their activity level and lifestyle. This smooth coated breed does best with routine brushing which is essential to maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The English bulldog has various health issues with the most alarming being cardiac and respiratory complications. English bulldogs are also prone to dyslexia in the hip due to their relatively large body size. Skin infections are also a concern do to the wrinkly and folds nature of the skin.

The English bulldog can live up to 8-10years on an average scale. This is usually due to the numerous complications and health challenges the bulldog faces in the course of life.

English bulldogs shed more frequently during the cold seasons like winter and spring. Compared to other dogs, they shed rather moderately and even lesser as they age.

This breed of dog is known for its stubborn nature and can be really difficult especially for novice dog owners to get the hang of. Patience and routine should be the keywords when dealing with a bulldog.

The English bulldog has a natural instinct to protect its territory. Even though the bulldog is not usually much of a barking dog, in the case of an intruder it is well equipped and confident to take on the challenge at every cost.

The English bulldog is not a dangerous pet. It is very much territorial and somewhat apprehensive to unfamiliar faces, but once it warms up to you, the bulldog is one of the most loving and loyal dogs.

The English bulldog on average needs about 30minuites of exercise every day to keep it mentally and physically healthy.

Yes! The English bulldog may seem aggressive at first glance but you will get to find that they have a contrasting character to their appearance. They are perfect around children and can play all day. They are extremely lovable and friendly.

English bulldogs can weigh up to 50 pounds and can grow as tall as 15inches.

This depends solely on the owner as both genders have their specific pros and cons.

English bulldogs are very friendly and warm dogs and are amazing around children. No wonder they are one of the most sought-after breeds in the world.

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