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Special Orders

We don’t like to disappoint! While we try to have the biggest variety of small and large breed puppies that anyone could ask for, sometimes we don’t have exactly what you want. But have no fear! We might can find it for you, especially if maybe you’re just looking for a different color, a female over a male or a popular breed that’s maybe just gone home with their furrr-ever family. We have a great network of caring, reputable breeders that can let us know if they’ve got the puppy of your dreams in their kennel right now.

We ask that you be please patient with us, we can’t make that perfect puppy grow any faster or appear out of thin air, but we can let know the probability of us be able to find it and a approximate timeline of the puppy being delivered to our store. If you’re in the market for a rarer breed or color combination, the wait time could be even longer. But getting exactly what you want can definitely be worth the wait! Don’t hesitate to fill out our special order form or give us a call today!

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