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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • It was excellent, Amber was excellent he had a great time they were very helpful and went above and beyond for him!


  • It was very good, They were very helpful. They were able to to answer all her questions.


  • Sydney was very helpful and knowledge able. She was very helpful! She had a great time there!


  • It was a great time, Becca and Savannah were absolutely amazing! They couldnt have asked for a better experience !


  • It was great, Sydney and amber very attentive to her. The customers service was amazing! She is very happy with her new puppy!


  • This was the BEST experience for her at petland kennesaw! She said that Jace, she couldn't do this without him! He was the best help. He answered all of her questions. She loved everything about her visit at the store.


  • She loves her new puppy! She said that her puppy counselor Jace was amazing, very charming! She says she loves that you can come into the store and play with the puppies!


  • She's happy with her new puppy. Her puppy counselors Amber and Matt where a lot of help to her and they answered all of her questions.


  • This store had 100 percent great service! and I would definitely come back again.


  • It was excellent! they were friendly, knowledgeable and very caring about the customers.


  • It was good! everyone was very helpful and polite at this store.


  • The puppy is doing good! Happy, active and healthy.

    The store experience was good. The customer service was good.The staff was friendly, nice and helpful


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