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Loreal Petersen

December 1, 2021

Personally, I had a great experience here. I liked their Facebook page about a year ago and 2 weeks ago on Thursday, April 14, I saw PW Corgi on their FB post. I called the store and see if he still was available and he was! Alex answered the phone and he was able to run my credit to see if I qualify for their puppy financing plan and he called me back as soon as he got the results back within 15-20 minutes. I live in Athens so the commute to Kennesaw is about an hour and 30 minutes and he held the puppy for me till I was able to come to the store that following Monday. Now with that being said, I told all my friends about this adorable puppy I was getting and everyone was excited until I told them where I was getting it. My friends kept telling me don’t buy a puppy from there have you seen their reviews? People stand outside and protest this place all the time etc etc. So I did some research on my own, read the reviews on YELP, Google, etc. Now I work in the Restaurant industry and one thing I can tell you is that most people will share their bad experiences over their good experience because good service is always expected. So I was very skeptical about coming here because the reviews were terrible but majority of the reviews were biased and copied and paste. Most people that made these reviews were not customers, most of them were protesters against puppy mills and how they thought Petland in Kennesaw ran their business.

Anyways, I really wanted this puppy and I was going to be in Roswell that day so I stopped at the store to see the dog and I absolutely fell in love with him. He was so full of life and I kept saying there’s no way this pup could be sick! Immediately, when I walked in the store Alex was right there and so was a young lady, they greeted me and I introduced myself and Alex went and got the pup. I got to play with him a bit but before I signed any papers, I told Alex, straight up, “I’ve seen your reviews online, if I buy this dog and he turns out to be sick will I be reimbursed and will my contract be voided? What is the warrenty on this dog?” He answered all my questions and told me about the people outside who protest every Saturday and who they were and why they did it. These group of people don’t believe in purchasing puppies from puppy mills, (btw these aren’t puppy mill pups) so they protest outside a store. Just like people who protest outside of abortion clinics.
So he brought out a brochure of the breeders of where they get their puppies from and at this moment I was like okay, I’m sold. Btw, I also have the name of the gentleman who breeded my pup.
In addition, it was a very easy process, I didn’t have to put any money down and I was able to walk out the store with my puppy, toys, food, treats, training CD, wee wee pads, vitamins, grooming kit, a huge cage with a bed inside, urine cleaner, leash and collar. Alex gave me some advice about how to take of my pup and what to do and what not do. I was very impressed with the service I got here and btw my puppy is A OKAY! He’s a chick magnet and he loves to play with everyone! Never had any issues with him, I did go to an after hour vet just to make sure my pup was okay and indeed he was! I am glad I went here and got my puppy, I don’t regret it at all! I would recommend this place to anyone and please, disregard the bad reviews, most of them are made by the same people who are standing outside protesting. If you’re interested in the dog, check it out. ** 2016

***Update Jan 12, 2021

My Benji, is still alive and well!! He has brought my family and I so much joy! When I first bought him and made this post, at 21, I was a depressed college student needing something to bring purpose in my life and Benji definitely did that for me. Anyways life gets in the way and I had to turn him over to my mother she has been taking care of him along with my younger siblings. She’s a chihuahua lover so Benji wasn’t her favorite in the beginning but he’s definitely the alpha dog in the house now and the household favorite! Thank you Petland for such a great dog!

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