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4 Ways to Keep a Hamster Healthy

May 4, 2018

Hamsters are pretty popular first pets, believe it or not!

Here are some tips for newbie and current hamster owners:

  1. Hamster Treats

It’s very important that you provide your hamster with well balanced food. There are tons of hamster treats that you can easily and quickly make. Check out some of our suggested recipes here and here. Did you know that protein is an important part of a hamster’s diet as well? Plain scrambled or boiled eggs are great hamster treats. Moderation is important for them. Always provide the standard seed and pellet mix daily and only offer the aforementioned as they are – treats!

  1. Keep a Tidy Room

Ha ha, we kid…kinda! Make your hamster’s bed and by that we mean that you should be sure to choose the correct bedding for your hamster. For instance, some cedar shavings can cause skin irritations, because of the oils in the shavings. Change your hamster’s bedding regularly and also clean his cage. Pay special attention to cleaning up any leftover hamster treats that may not have been consumed. For some reason, this step is often missed so we want to reiterate it. Keep his water bottle rinsed and cleaned often, too. Room temperature water can grow algae and acquire bacteria, thus making your hamster sick. Do not keep him in extreme weather conditions. He shouldn’t be in direct sunlight or in cold basements.

  1. Spinning and Mazes

You’ve given your hamster treats that have been healthy, so to further enhance his health, you need to keep him exercised. They actually have to keep active and stay trim so that they don’t become obese or suffer from digestive problems. You’ve seen them a million times and make your hamster no exception. Purchase the cliche spinning wheels for them to climb on, then sit back and enjoy! They can be quite comical to watch. Be innovative and creative. Place old paper towel tubes or plain brown boxes in his cage. It’s so simple, but it will provide entertainment for days for him! Leave him something to chew on, as well. They love to chew!

  1. What Chew Talking ‘Bout?

Speaking of chewing, did you know a hamster’s teeth grow like fingernails? Their teeth just keep growing and growing and growing. When they’re born, they have a full set of teeth and there’s no teething phase. They just chomp right in! Given this fact, their hamster treats can be dog biscuits, because the hard texture helps to trim their teeth and serves as a good source of calcium for them. As we previously mentioned, paper towel tubes are great, as well as wooden chips.

hamster treats

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