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October 21, 2021

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After a year of being stuck inside there’s no better time to leash up your pup and get moving. With cooler weather approaching outside is a given but depending on your area and activity of choice there might be some things you need to bring with you while traveling or add to your home.

Below is the list of double-duty items you already have in your house as well as some must-have dog items that you’ll be glad you packed!

Household Items

  1. Lint-Roller
    • Great for removing ticks easily after walks through woodsy areas if you plan on doing any hiking this season. Make sure to consider flea and tick preventatives year-round, too! There are tons of options from chewables to collars – all to ensure your pup is a lot less likely to encounter lyme disease.  
  2. Egg Cartons
    • Cardboard egg cartons stuffed with treats and shredded paper are wonderful for shredding and scent work. This is a low-cost game for your dog that will keep them engaging and mentally stimulated indoors on a cold or rainy day.
  3. An Old T-shirt
    • If you’re taking your dog on a car trip putting an old unwashed t-shirt of yours with them in the backseat or crate can be extremely helpful in easing their anxiety – road trips especially are a lot of noise and mental stimulation for younger dogs.
  4. Fresh Produce
    • Take whatever dog-safe veggies you’re having and let your dog try them out. Tons of veggies are safe both raw and cooked: broccoli, butternut squash, sweet potato, and more. Or, blend up whatever dog-safe produce you have on hand (blueberries, banana, mint, green beans, etc.) and put it in a freezer-save container or lined muffin tin and stick in the freezer for at least three hours to make dog popsicles to entertain your pet and help them keep their cool.
  5. Plastic Bottle
    • A plastic bottle with an old blanket wrapped around it and tied on each end is the perfect crunchy-sounding toy for a dog bored with his normal routine – bonus points if you put tennis balls on each end for extra bounce and entertainment!


  1. Ceramic Dog Bowls
    • Did you know you’re supposed to wash your dog’s food and water bowls daily? This helps rid them of harmful bacteria. While most people may not do this every day, there is no doubt steel and plastic are great alternatives but ceramic is likely to hold the least bacteria in between washes.
    • Collapsible Stainless Steel Bowls (better for travel than plastic ones)
      • We know you’ve seen the little plastic dog bowls that clip onto your backpack and those have their time and place but this set of dog bowls is like an item’s cooler, older cousin. It boasts two bowls, both stainless steel, and a non-slip mat for easy clean-up that folds in on itself so the whole contraption can fit in a backpack or car.
  2. Dog Luggage
    • If you’ve ever experienced the pain of portioning your pup’s meals into what feels like a million little plastic baggies for each night of your jaunt to the beach – you need this bag. It has compartments for food, treats, toys, includes a set of bowls and mat, an area for medication or extra bags, and even a clip to hold a blanket. This pack slides directly onto your own luggage making it a vacation must-have.
  3. Covered Dog Bed
    • Fluffy dog beds with an attached cover simulate a cave or burrow and can help reduce anxiety and keep them warm in the fall and winter months; plus, a dog can never have too many beds, right?
  4. Paw and Nose Balm/Lotion
    • Even when it’s cloudy out, the UV rays can be just as strong as in the summer months.
    • Being out in the sun can cause dry skin, noses, or cracked paw pads. More time spent outdoors means even more wear on paw pads as well. Make sure you’re checking your dog’s paws and applying soothing balm or dog-safe sunscreen.

Whether working from home or taking trips this season we hope you try out some of these refreshing ideas for your dog!

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