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3 Tips for Sharing Puppy Custody After a Break-Up

December 12, 2018

She was your dream girl and he was your dream guy.

At the height of your relationship, you were searching for newborn puppies for sale. For some reason or another the relationship didn’t work out, and now you must find a way to peacefully share custody with your ex. This can seem dreadful, but our staff at Petland wants to help you be successful with these five tips for sharing puppy custody with your ex.  


Keep Interactions Peaceful

Breakups are never easy, but dealing with your ex for custody of your beloved puppy doesn’t have to be a war. Keep interactions peaceful by focusing your discussions on your puppy. Rekindle the same joy that you had when you were searching for newborn puppies for sale. Remember that your puppy can sense your emotions and anger and frequent fights can cause a puppy to feel anxiety.


Maintain Normality for The Puppy

When a live-in relationship ends, someone is forced to move out. It is best that a sense of normality is maintained for the puppy. If possible, arrange for the pet to live with the parent who will remain in the same home. If not possible, be sure to keep important items such as the crate, blankets, bowls, and toys that the puppy associates with home. Be patient with your puppy in a new environment. As they adjust, accidents may happen and puppy training may backtrack momentarily due to the change.


Make Visitation Fun

The parent who visits doesn’t have to miss out on the fun times. Bring the joy by planning fun visits with toys, playtime, exercise and of course treats. Take turns with routines, such as going to puppy training and going to the groomer. Remember that your friendship with your puppy doesn’t have to end just because your relationship ended. While it will require a bit of work and communication, it is possible to successfully co-parent a puppy with an ex.


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