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Boxer Puppies for Sale: Big Scaredy Cats…Well Dogs…

July 19, 2019

Have you been searching for Boxer puppies for sale and landed on our site?

Well, perfect because we’ve got some of the cutest and most precious Boxer puppies for sale anywhere! They are some of the most adorable and loving dogs, but they are also some big old softies despite how large they can grow to be. What are we talking about, you’re wondering?! These dogs have quite the reputation for being sweet and pensive in their actions! They aren’t alone, but they fall in this category. Here are 3 of the top phobias boxers (and other breeds) tend to have! Want to see all of our adorable puppies for sale, just click here!

Fear of Fireworks

This is one of the most common and we can’t blame them, quite frankly. Fireworks can be overwhelming for dogs. It’s not only the sounds, that are similar to thunderstorms, it’s also the lights that accompany the sounds. When those special occasions roll around, take sweet care of your pup by removing them as far as possible from the scene. If you have a crate, that may help with their fear, alongside a comfy blanket. If this isn’t an option, cuddle with your pup to soothe his fears. Our Boxer puppies for sale will grow to be quite large, so snuggling will be perfect for the two of you!boxer puppies for sale

Fear of Thunderstorms

Astraphobia is the technical term for fear of thunder, and it is a very common phobia in dogs. This is quite similar to the aforementioned fear of fireworks, so you can follow the same protocol. The downside is that you can’t really remove them from the situation so some hardcore cuddling will be necessary! Your Boxer will likely tremble and you may notice his ears are flattened with a tucked tail. Calm them with your cuddles.

Fear of the Vet

This isn’t unusual. Humans have a fear of doctors, so it’s not uncommon that dogs may have a fear of their vet. It’s because of the various scents and simply being handled by a stranger in a way, not to mention being poked! If you’re purchasing one of our Boxer puppies for sale in GA, we want you to understand that this fear is not unique. If possible, take your pup to the vet for social visits in addition to practical ones. Sometimes this makes them feel more comfortable.

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