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Bulldog for Sale: The Breed That Is Loving, Loyal and Probably Snores!

March 27, 2017

Bulldog for Sale, so many choices!

Another popular and irresistible dog breed is the bulldog; this is why a lot of bulldog for sale ads are available online. The bulldog is actually a general term for all dogs that fall under this breed. There are a variety of bulldogs: the most common is the English bulldog, American bulldog and French bulldog. Bulldogs are very popular and that’s why here at Petland Kennesaw, we have bulldog puppies all the time! Check them out right here!

The bulldog has distinct features and the most prominent are its thick folds above its nose and under its mouth, it has droopy lips and usually an underbite. Bulldogs are well-loved because they are patient with children, are loyal to their owners and are very content.

bulldog for sale

What makes a bulldog a great pet?

Before getting a bulldog, here’s what you should remember

The tough yet sweet bulldog may be the pet for you but before you take a bulldog for sale ad online, find out about some of the disadvantages of owning this kind of dog.

Bulldogs may not be the best guard dog despite its intimidating looks. A bulldog will be less likely alert or bark to signal its owners if there is an intruder. It may even warm up to an intruder because it is friendly and calm. A bulldog is not the type for active folks since it tends to have a low activity level. Belly rubs and laying in your lap is highly preferred for a bulldog!

You need to have tons of patience when training a bulldog, so start early and be persistent. Another thing is that bulldogs cannot tolerate very cold and very hot environments so do not take it out if the weather is too cold or too hot. They are no the breed for hikes, camping or festivals.

So if you think a bulldog is the best breed for you, then take the plunge! A patient, loyal and good bulldog is waiting to be part of your family.

Want to know more about French and English bulldogs? Check out interesting facts about the Frenchie here! And cool facts about the English bulldog here!

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