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August 18, 2018

When you come into a Petland store, you may be surprised to learn that we have other animals for sale, not just puppies!

Sure, puppies are the vast majority of our precious pet inventory, but we also have small animals for sale, and they are perfect for first-time pet owners. Caring for a puppy requires a lot of work and time, so many potential pet owners opt for getting smaller caged animals first before graduating to puppies and kittens. We understand, and that’s why we have other pets to meet their needs. Here are some of the small animals for sale that we have.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs are part of the rodent family and are popular small house pets. They don’t require a lot of previous pet ownership experience to have one, because they are caged more often than not. Give them their food and some exercise toys, and they’re good to go!


Our bunnies are equally popular house pets. They are like a stepping stone to getting a kitten or a puppy because they are larger and require more attention to care for them. They are caged animals, but they will surely enjoy hopping around your house when you let them out. Closely monitor these small animals for sale, because they poop a lot! Don’t worry, it resembles pellet food, but still, you’ll need to clean up after them often.


We also sell ferrets, and they are little animals that actually like the human touch. They have been around for years, but not always as human pets. They have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years and will weigh between 1.5 pounds to 4 pounds. Contact any of our Pet Counselors if you have questions about our ferret animals for sale and how to care for them.

Various Birds

Of the various animals for sale at Petland, birds are included! All of our hand-raised birds come from trusted bird breeders in both Georgia and Florida. We hand-raise our birds, so they tend to be very sweet, friendly and easy to handle. We also have a separate bird aviary so you can interact with all of our parrots, conures, cockatoos, and macaws!


At Petland, we meet all of your pet’s needs. We sell toys, food, treats, bedding and much more!


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