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How to Properly Take Care of Dog Paws in the Cold Weather

February 17, 2019

The weather outside is frightful and extremely not delightful for a dog to walk in without paw protection.

You probably wouldn’t walk outside barefoot in extremely frigid temperatures, so your pup probably doesn’t either! Some pet owners don’t consider this during the winter season. Here at Petland, we recommend that you purchase dog paws shoes to protect them from many dangers during the unpredictable winter weather. Here are some reasons you should invest in paw shoes for your dog this winter. Want to see which puppies we have that love wintertime? Click here are our available snow puppies!

dog paws

Don’t forget about the doggos!

Dogs’ paws can only withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit before their paws start to hurt really badly. No dog should be walked outside in weather below 0 degrees without warm paw covers or you are putting your dog at risk for frostbite especially if they are not used to the cold.

Beware the ice

Broken ice can cut your dog’s paws. A lot of people forget that their dog’s paws are really fragile and hard broken ice can act as glass and be just as painful as stepping on a broken piece of glass. If you do not want your dog to suffer during a walk with a bruised paws invest some paw protective covers.

Slip and falls don’t just happen to humans

They can slip on icy paths just like humans. This is where dog paw covers come in handy the most. These covers provide appropriate traction just like the boots on your feet so your dog doesn’t risk slipping on the ice and getting injured.

It is extremely important that you take all means necessary for protecting dog paws in the winter. Paw shoes/covers are the way to go. Make sure that you get the right size because the fit is just as important in protection from injuries.

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