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Petland’s Gentle Giants: Great Dane Puppies for Sale

November 13, 2017

A small dog in a big package (yes, that’s right!) The Great Dane is a step above the rest when it comes to pet companionship!

Great Danes are known for casting a shadow over most other dogs—and small children. But their name is somewhat misleading, as they actually originate in Germany, not Denmark. At first, Danes were bred to hunt large game, but hunting became less popular and they had to change. Now Great Danes are bred to be gentle giants and the ultimate, if not just in size, family dog! Want to check out all of Petland’s Great Dane puppies for sale? Just check out our available puppies page, right here!

great dane puppies for sale

Big, Bigger…Biggest!

Great Danes grow incredibly fast, going from just a couple pounds at birth to nearly 100lbs in the first year alone! And they don’t stop there, Danes can top out at over 200lbs, although most stay in the 150lb range. They can also range in colors including mantle, different shades of harlequin and merle, fawn and brindle. It’s important to monitor food intake for the first several months of your Dane’s life because of their massive growth spurts. You also need to invest in a good brand of dog food, we feed and recommend Health Extension brad dog food in our locations.

Danes are family companions first and foremost

Despite their size, Danes are not very energetic and do well in small condos or apartments. Throw in the fact that they love adults, children and other animals, you’ve got one perfect pet! Besides the fact that Great Danes are notoriously goofy, this only endears their beloved owners to them all the more. You just have to watch out for leaving food on the counter tops, as that is eye level for a Dane! 

Want to earn more about what makes this colossal canine tick? Give us a call today for more information about all of our Great Dane puppies for sale!

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