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Yorkipoo Puppies Are a Dream Come True

July 30, 2018

People who love the designer or hybrid dogs will find that our Yorkie Poos for sale are an answer to their prayer

We happily feature these precious pups at both of our Petland locations, in Kennesaw and Mall of Georgia. Want to know what’s “in store” for you? Take a look at some information we’ve compiled about our Yorkipoos for sale.

Yorkie Poos for sale are cross breeds of Yorkshire Terriers and Miniature Poodles. The Yorkipoo is active and affectionate, who loves being in the company of people. He is loyal and loves participating in family activities. He’s rather confident and that is thanks to the Yorkshire Terrier in his genes! Overall, Yorkie Poos for sale are laid-back and easygoing and far less demanding than many other small breeds.

We mentioned the Terrier in his genes, but the Poodle has much to be highlighted.  Because of the Poodle’s notorious intelligence, they are really easy to train. In general, you shouldn’t have any problem with them, especially if you use positive reinforcement. We will say, however, that the Terrier’s stubborn streak may come into play, but that doesn’t affect his ability to be trained.

The Yorkie Poos for sale that you’ll encounter will be tiny and they will stay small as they age. This makes them great for apartment living, but they can certainly live in any home environment. Bring them around other pets and kids, because they’ll get alone just fine with them. Regarding little children, always monitor their interaction for the safety of the small Yorkie Poo’s body.


You’ll find that Yorkie Poos for sale are pleasant and precious. Stop by our store today and speak with one of our pet counselors, regarding any questions you may have and how soon you get get one of your own!

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